My Special Loki Meal

Yesterday morning, I got an email that really sparked my imagination from my favorite spice vendor––Bill, the founder and CEO of Penzeys Spices (a wonderful spice company that also vehemently and publicly advocates for progressive politics). He was urging people to watch the television show Loki, starring Tom Hiddleston, who, as I mentioned yesterday, is … More My Special Loki Meal

Meatless Monday: Red, White, and (Would Be) Blue Edition

I posted previously about my Fourth of July dinner that was based on recipes brought to our country by our Asian-American citizens. But since July 5 was the federal holiday for this event, I decided to cook one last holiday meal inspired by our country’s largest immigrant population––Hispanic or Latinx communities. This is no surprise … More Meatless Monday: Red, White, and (Would Be) Blue Edition