Gandhi 3.0

Mohandas Gandhi, whom most of us know by his honored title of “Mahatma” or “Great Soul,” was killed on this date 69 years ago.  So it seems appropriate today to look towards him for knowledge about how to proceed during our divided times. Yesterday I wrote about how the official  US government policies over the … More Gandhi 3.0

Mending Wall

I teach both middle school and high school group literature classes, and once a month I do a poetry unit with the students.  While some of them are into it, others doubt the relevancy of poetry to their lives.  I tell them that many times, particularly during events of high emotion or great significance, poets can … More Mending Wall

Mopping with Joy

This was a great weekend for me.  While the backdrop nationally was President Trump’s inauguration and the peaceful protests for the rights of women, minorities, and the poor, my focus was a little more personal. Friday and Sunday nights we had parties (YAY!) where my son invited over his friends for dinner, games, art or music … More Mopping with Joy

The Power of Comedy

So if you weren’t invited to an Inaugural ball, why not have a ball instead?  Because it look like after VAE is done with its love-in, they are hosting a laugh-in. Atlanta-born 35-year-old Lauren Gunderson is currently the most produced living American playwright.  This award-winning author’s works are known for their wit, intelligence, and heart and … More The Power of Comedy

Spend January 20 With Some Nasty Women in Durham, NC

Do you know about the Nasty Women movement?  It takes its name from Donald Trump’s comment during the third Presidential debate where he called Hillary Clinton “such a nasty woman.”  On November 9, 2016 (the day after the election), New York artist Roxanne Jackson issued a call to action on her Facebook page that said: … More Spend January 20 With Some Nasty Women in Durham, NC

Triangle NC Residents Invited to Make January 20, 2017 All About Love

If you are a Triangle NC resident looking for a positivity fix on January 20, the Visual Arts Exchange or VAE, a gallery and creativity incubator in the Warehouse District in downtown Raleigh, has just the thing for you.  On that day during their regularly-scheduled hours of 11 AM-6 PM, they are reviving the 50-year-old … More Triangle NC Residents Invited to Make January 20, 2017 All About Love