Triangle NC Residents Invited to Make January 20, 2017 All About Love

VAE Love-in.png

If you are a Triangle NC resident looking for a positivity fix on January 20, the Visual Arts Exchange or VAE, a gallery and creativity incubator in the Warehouse District in downtown Raleigh, has just the thing for you.  On that day during their regularly-scheduled hours of 11 AM-6 PM, they are reviving the 50-year-old concept of a love-in.  The VAE describes their version as “a gathering of people in the spirit of compassion, community and positive change” and “a positivity potluck.”  They will be showing inspiring videos all day and have materials available for people to make love or thank you notes for anyone they want to love or thank.  There is no fee for participating, but they do ask that people bring something they love to the activity, including but not limited to “conversation, poetry, music, games, puppies, baked goods, dance, art/craft activities- anything that you love and want to share with another human being.”

Sounds like a happening!  If you want to check it out,  VAE is located at 309 West Martin Street, Raleigh NC (down the street from CAM Raleigh).  Anyone is welcome, and can stay for a few minutes or the entire day.

For those of you who don’t live in this area, at least you can enjoy the graphic below that  VAE created to remind us about what is best about our country.









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