Why Food From the Farmers Market Is “Expensive”

I had promised to write about this, but I’m running out of SNAP days, so I’m doing a special post on this issue. Food production in the United States is a complex business, but explaining why food from local Farmers Markets is “expensive” is easy:  Farmers Markets are about the only place where you are … More Why Food From the Farmers Market Is “Expensive”

Totals Thursday, SNAP Challenge Edition: What I Spent and Where I Spent It

We are on the homeward stretch of our SNAP Challenge Week.  The picture above is our dinner, which was Chipotle Corn Chowder, made from bone broth from the chicken we cooked on Sunday, and Southwestern Cole Slaw.  Looking back, this meal seems too much the same in color and in taste, but my son and … More Totals Thursday, SNAP Challenge Edition: What I Spent and Where I Spent It

Meatless Monday, SNAP Challenge Edition

We’ve done Meatless Mondays at our house for years.  It is a movement that tries to nudge animal-eaters such as ourselves towards a more plant-based diet.  For most Americans, eating more vegetarian meals is one of the biggest steps towards reducing their carbon footprint.  Plus, properly-balanced vegan or vegetarian meals are also good for our … More Meatless Monday, SNAP Challenge Edition

Solstice Sunday

Sorry, I had a busy day yesterday and ran out of steam before posting our food.  But we had a lovely grilled roaster chicken with hasselback potatoes, also cooked on the grill to keep the heat out of the house, along with salad.  We had toasted cheese for lunch. The chicken was one of my … More Solstice Sunday

Happy Solstice Saturday!

I wanted to recognize the summer solstice with some special foods and an intention-setting ceremony for the season, but I had a commitment on the evening of the Solstice itself.  Then I discovered that the Smithsonian Museums were celebrating “Solstice Saturday” with lots of special activities and many of the museums staying open until midnight. … More Happy Solstice Saturday!