Solstice Sunday


Sorry, I had a busy day yesterday and ran out of steam before posting our food.  But we had a lovely grilled roaster chicken with hasselback potatoes, also cooked on the grill to keep the heat out of the house, along with salad.  We had toasted cheese for lunch.

The chicken was one of my budget victories this week.  Our local/regional healthy foods grocery, Earth Fare, had their natural chickens on sale for half price this week, so a 5 pound chicken would have cost me $5.70.  However, I was looking for some uncured bacon that was advertised on sale but was sold out of the first two other grocery stores I went.  At the third, I not only got the discounted bacon but found a natural, antibiotic-free chicken that was 7.65 pounds that had been marked down to $5.50.  What a deal! I was planning to cook it shortly after I bought it, so that worked out well.  Of course, I had to visit three grocery stores to find it, and I couldn’t have predicted I would find it at all.  Still, it saved a little money and brought us a lot more chicken, so it boosted our meat supply for the week.

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