A Triumph For Hope

This post is a follow-up to my most recent previous post, my December 3 post entitled “This Thing Called Hope…or Are You A Sports Fan or a WordleBot?” If you haven’t read that post, please do so before reading this one in order to understand the foundations of what I will be discussing. Click HERE … More A Triumph For Hope


As I write this post this morning, my heart is heavy, knowing the beautiful city show above, Kyiv (often also Westernized as Kiev), is under attack by Russian troops seeking to take over the country. There have been explosions and fighting and already hundreds of deaths and casualities, many if not most of them among … More Heroes

Am I Being Sexist?

Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while know that when Deepak Chopra announces one of his free 21 day meditation series, I sign up right away. Health, abundance, grace, peace, whatever the topic, I figure I could use some assistance on growing in that area through meditation. Last month, Chopra … More Am I Being Sexist?

Oprah and Deepak Can Help You Get Unstuck for Spring

Spring is the time for rebirth, and as I’ve stated in earlier posts, I’m definitely feeling Spring right now here in North Carolina. It feels not just like the seasonal Spring, but a metaphoric Spring of a healthier and more connected 2021 than the many sheltering-at-home days of 2020. Just in time to assist us … More Oprah and Deepak Can Help You Get Unstuck for Spring

Peaceful Surrender

Wow, the final day of the Shannon Plummer and Bob Sima “Music as Spiritual Practice” Journey was really powerful! The theme was Self Love, so that’s a big quality. I had not heard the song they used for this practice, but it was so beautiful and touching that it made me cry. The essence of … More Peaceful Surrender


It is Day 4 of the Shannon Plummer and Bob Sima “Music as Spiritual Practice” experience, and today’s practice is Stillness. I have to say this morning’s activity had a little less impact on me personally than the previous days because I do follow a pretty consistent pattern of building stillness experiences into my day … More Synchronicity