Mother’s Day Reading: Circe by Madeline Miller

The literature classes that I teach for middle and high school students ended this week, and Sunday is Mother’s Day. I decided to acknowledge these two occasions by staying in bed late this morning to finish reading a wonderful book, Circe by Madeline Miller. In The Odyssey, Circe, the so-called “witch of Aiaia,” is one … More Mother’s Day Reading: Circe by Madeline Miller

Love for the Mamas!

Happy Mothers Day to all the moms, or those who play that role for others, even if they aren’t technically related. I finished the novel Cemetery Road, by Greg Iles, last night (and really enjoyed it––it felt a little like a really good murder mystery combined with Pat Conroy-esque dysfunctional, combative Southern families full of … More Love for the Mamas!