Back to Bliss


My friend Michele came up with the title of this blog post when we were catching up on the phone this weekend from our snowed-in houses.  We had both had some kind of intense beginning-of-2017 experiences that we were sharing.  But when I was telling her about my plans for making 2017 an extraordinary year, that’s how she summed it up:  Back to Bliss.

I know that statement is true for me.  When we started up our classes again last week, I know my colleagues and I all said things like, “I’m not ready for the holidays to end,” or “I wish we had another week of break,” or such.  And part of me did feel that way.

However, I also know this.  I love the holidays-the parties, the presents, the special meals, the family traditions, the getting together with friends and not-seen-enough family.  I love it all and throw myself into it wholeheartedly.  To me, Christmas is a time to manifest joy, connection, love, magic, and abundance in our everyday lives.

However, as much as I love all that, I also know that is not my bliss.  It’s fun, it’s festive, it’s fantastic.  But if that was all I had in my life…if my life was nothing but an endless round of parties and social gatherings and the exchanging of stuff…that would not be enough for me (and this is from someone who LOVES parties).  My life would feel insubstantial to me.  I enjoy all that, but it doesn’t ultimately satisfy me at the soul level.

Well, then, you might ask, what does?  What is your bliss?  Of course, the answer is different for each person.  But for me, bliss is working hard on a creative new lesson plan and after presenting it to a room of young people, seeing the looks on their faces as they consider something they had never thought about before, which could possibly change the course of their lives.  It is supporting someone in my social or spiritual community who is working towards a higher level of happiness, accomplishment, or understanding.  It is a meaty discussion with my son about American history that could result in him and his peers creating a different kind of American future.

In short, my bliss is using my unique gifts and talents to make a difference in the world, one that requires the best of me and that uplifts or expands others.  And I am so grateful that not only do I know what my bliss it, but my lifestyle allows me to follow it every day.

So, yes, while part of me hates to see the holidays end, another part acknowledges:  time to get back to bliss!

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