All That We Share

coffee-beans-1082116_640Today’s inspirational video is a contribution from my good friend, Heather, via The Good News Network.

The human mind categorizes.  That’s just how it works.  We look at each other and our mind sorts people into categories, based on our clothes or our skin color or shape of eye or facial expression or way we walk or we stand or what we eat or…on and on.

Our mind immediately goes into: Who is like me?  Who isn’t like me?  Who is safe? Who is dangerous?  Who will be my friend?  Where is MY tribe?

That’s just what the mind does, and that’s OK.  It has its uses on the material plane.

However, it is up to us to remember that it isn’t true.  Yes, we have these superficial differences, but what we share is so much larger, so much stronger, so much more real.

But those pesky minds…they sure can be convincing, can’t they?

Here is a video that reminds us what happens when we stop listening to our minds and listen to our hearts instead:






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