The Days Are Long, But the Years Are Short

mother and daughter.jpg

Man, this week went by fast!

I referenced this video to my homeschool group last week, and since I’ve had a couple of post lately about highly impressive young people, I thought I should include it on my blog.  Because behind all the great things these wonderful and inspiring young people have been doing, I see caring, supportive, but appropriate and conscious parenting.

So this is just a reminder that as challenging as being a parent can be, how quickly it can all go by if you aren’t paying attention.  My son is 18 now, and I can attest to how, in some ways, it seems like only yesterday that he arrived on the planet and transformed our lives for the better.

And even if you aren’t a parent, I think it is a great lesson about life in general.

Enjoy your life this weekend!  Remember that every moment counts.  In life, there are no dress rehearsals.

Note:  The video is by Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project.



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