Songs, Sips, Sups, Science, and Social Action for National Tequila Day

Today, July 24, is National Tequila Day! What a great reason for celebrating what, at least in North Carolina, has been a really hot, humid, stormy week.

While Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber has run out of free videos to show for your weekend’s entertainment, Sir Elton John is stepping up to fill the void! Sir Elton is running a series of his old concerts to feed our need for music while STILL sheltering at home. They are free, but he is encouraging donations to his foundation, the Elton John AIDS Foundation. The Foundation has spent over $450 million on HIV-related programs in fifty-five countries, but is currently expanding the program to provide COVID-19 assistance to the population of their HIV programs.

This weekend, starting at 3:00 PM today, July 24, and running for 72 hours (so until 3:00 PM on Monday), Sir Elton’s You Tube channel will be streaming his entire 90 minute 1995 “Made in England” concert in Rio de Janiero, Brazil (his first concert in that country).

That concert inspired my sips and sups for tonight. Brazil’s most famous cocktail is the caipirinha (pronounced kai-purr-REEN-yah), which traditionally is made with cachaça, a Brazilian liquor similar to rum. But I don’t have that, and it’s tequila day, so I’m making it with tequila. All it requires is liquor, limes, sugar, and ice, which I have on hand, so that will be my National Tequila Day drink for 2020.

Cocktail recipe available at:

Naturally, I have to mix that with Brazilian food, so I’m making a famous national dish called Feijoada, which is basically beans cooked with smoked meats, including beef jerky…which I’ve never heard of using before. But digging through my freezer, I have some hot sausage and some bacon, and I’ve got some organic beef jerky, so I’ll give it a try. Hopefully (I’ve never made it before) it will look something like this:

Recipe available at:

So now we’ve got arts, charity, and some international cultural appreciation via food and drink. One last thing to make this truly and educational experience…how about some science about the chemistry behind tequila, courtesy of Andy Brunning, a chemistry teacher in Cambridge, England who runs the FABULOUS website, Compound Interest (a website that produces graphics to explain the common chemical substances in our lives).

See the original at full size at:

So there you have it! A plan to brighten up another Friday night at home during these coronavirus times. Hope your evening is “tudo bem,” which means all good in Brazilian Portuguese.

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