Happy Pi Day

These are the remains of the scones that got devoured warm out of the oven before I took a picture of them. But they were a circle of eight pieces originally.

This is the third of my recent posts about looking back over the past year. That is because last year on March 14, 2020, the last large-ish social gathering that I or any of my family participated in was a Pi Day party, largely held indoors (remember those days?).

Pi Day is held on March 14, or 3/14 (Europeans write as 3.14), which are the first three digits of that mysterious number used to calculate the circumstance of a circle. So it is a day to celebrate all things mathematical.

In our family, especially now that my son is older, that usually translates to food. Our tradition is to make homemade pizza pies, at least one of which is adorned with rounds of pepperoni that I’ve cut into the pi symbol, along with sliced mushrooms that also have been cut into pi.

However, I started the weekend with a scones recipe, made into a circle and cut into segments. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture when I took it out of the oven, and when I remembered, 3/4th of the pieces had been consumed. So imagine the picture above as a circle, but also imagine the joy of eating fresh warm scones, made with Farmers Market eggs and milk and butter, right out of the oven.

Lately, I’m mostly been making pan pizzas, but I decided to try a different recipe this year for New York Style Pizza (I would LOVE to be able to visit NYC again without worrying about COVID). I made our traditional Pepperoni Pi Pizza Pie. For those pizzas, I slice both the rounds of pepperoni and the mushrooms into the Pi shape.

But, thinking of tomorrow’s Meatless Monday, I also made a vegetarian pizza focused on circles. I sliced Farmers Market tomatoes into round slices instead of the traditional sauce, as well as circles of peppers and onions. I added feta instead of the traditional mozzarella that I serve on the pepperoni pizza.

I am missing our community celebration of Pi Day…as I’ve missed so many community celebrations over the past year. Still, we are enjoying our solitary acknowledgement of this day celebrating math. May we return to our group gatherings in honor of all things mathematical in 2022!

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