Love for the Mamas!

Happy Mothers Day to all the moms, or those who play that role for others, even if they aren’t technically related. I finished the novel Cemetery Road, by Greg Iles, last night (and really enjoyed it––it felt a little like a really good murder mystery combined with Pat Conroy-esque dysfunctional, combative Southern families full of … More Love for the Mamas!

In Honor of the Late Edward Kennedy

I don’t believe in coincidences. One of my theoretical foundational teachers is Carl Jung, who I don’t think believed in coincidences either.  He had a word–synchronicity–for events that are linked, not in our traditional belief in cause and effect, but by energy or some other “non-logical” connection. Because it seems to me to be significant … More In Honor of the Late Edward Kennedy

Deepak Chopra Offering Free Series on Overcoming Chaos

  Got chaos in your life? These are crazy times, aren’t they?  So why not spend a few hours in the coming week learning from one of the great living spiritual teachers about how to use meditation to calm things down inside and outside your head?  Deepak Chopra is offer a FREE four-part webinar series … More Deepak Chopra Offering Free Series on Overcoming Chaos

A Poem for Susan

  My son and I saw the 9/11 memorial when we visited New York City this summer, and it is quite a lovely and striking monument. Today can be a difficult day for people.  It can be a time for grieving.  But I hope it is a day of grieving with love instead of hate, … More A Poem for Susan