Happy Pi Day

These are the remains of the scones that got devoured warm out of the oven before I took a picture of them. But they were a circle of eight pieces originally. This is the third of my recent posts about looking back over the past year. That is because last year on March 14, 2020, … More Happy Pi Day

Meatless Monday: Chinese New Year Edition

Although it’s a short month, February is full of holidays. The way the calendar falls this year, many of them seem packed together more closely than usual. I’m already behind on reporting about my celebration efforts to date. However, I’ll begin with yesterday’s Meatless Monday meal in honor of the Lunar New Year, usually called … More Meatless Monday: Chinese New Year Edition

Good News Friday

So we didn’t have a peaceful and uplifting inauguration this week, but there were some good things that happened this week that I wanted to mention… In Thursday’s post, I talked about all the good news surrounding the inaugural poet/star, Amanda Gorman, including her best-selling books, her modeling contract with IMG, and her upcoming poetry … More Good News Friday