Meatless Mondays: Gay Pride Rainbow Meal

For the first Meatless Monday in June, it seems appropriate to have a rainbow meal in honor of Gay Pride Month. While neither I nor any of my immediate family are LGBTQIA+ (as far as I know in this moment), I have dear friends who identify with each of those letters, so I celebrate our community accepting people in a wide spectrum of sexuality and gender identification.

Fortunately, the Cary Downtown Farmers Market has a wonderful array of beautiful produce to support me in fixing a fresh, meatless rainbow meal. For example, look above at this gorgeous selection of colorful potatoes and string beans that I got from LB’s Farm.

I’m just cooking those up by boiling the potatoes, stir frying the bean with onions and garlic skates (both from Meadowhawk Farm), and combining them with some oriental sauce I made from soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, and Vietnamese chili paste.

We also have some diverse fresh carrots from Meadowlark Farm

and some raw cherry tomatoes from Parker Farm

All served on a table with lots of different colored flowers from Parker Farm

Then Barefoot Wines has issued its Gay Pride Champaign for 2021, which makes a lovely beverage to accompany all our beautiful ROYGBIV vegetables.

So I drink a toast to all my brothers and sisters and brother/sisters who are forging their own path. And another toast to all the wonderful farmers who bring so much color into our early summer diet. And yet another to those who follow a plant-based diet, in whole or in part, because science says the planet can not sustain as much meat consumption as is typical in the standard US diet. This rainbow meal was actually a vegan delight, since I didn’t use any dairy or eggs along with no meat.

PS––We also had a rainbow(ish) dessert(ish), but I’m going to save that for a separate post coming soon.

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