Meatless Monday: Presidents Day/Mardi Gras Edition

Another day, another holiday! As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, this February the holidays are really packed together. Valentines Day came only two days after Lunar New Year, while the day after that is Presidents Day, and the day after that is Mardi Gras. Even for a heavy-duty celebrator like me, that’s a lot of … More Meatless Monday: Presidents Day/Mardi Gras Edition

Elton in Turkey

This is the last in the free weekend streaming of his concerts on Sir Elton John’s YouTube channel (there were three before I found out about them). Starting at 3 PM Eastern time and lasting for 72 hours, anyone can stream his 2001 concert from the Great Amphitheatre in Ephesus, Turkey. How cool and exotic … More Elton in Turkey

Meatless Monday: Flatbread Fiesta

Tonight was my first time making the homemade version of two things: flatbread and hummus. It all turned out pretty well I think. I started by working on the hummus. I was guided by the recipe for super creamy Israeli hummus by Kenji at Serious Eats at: But, of course, I didn’t really follow … More Meatless Monday: Flatbread Fiesta