Meditation Monday: Three Weeks of Hope

In the ancient Greek myth of Pandora (the world’s first woman, not the music-playing service), this “all-gifted” woman accidentally released all the world’s evils–famine, sickness, war, pain, death–when she opened her jar (later translated into a box).  The king of the Greek gods, Zeus, left her only one force with which to deal with all of … More Meditation Monday: Three Weeks of Hope

Meditation Monday: Ever Try Techno?

Are you someone who thinks that mediation requires silence and eyes closed to any outside stimulation to be effective?  Or have you ever tried meditating to music?  How about meditating to techno music: the fast-tempo, rhythmic, electronic music more commonly associated with the disco than with states of contemplation? Well, that is what Japanese Buddhist priest … More Meditation Monday: Ever Try Techno?