Meditation Monday: Three Weeks of Hope

hope.jpgIn the ancient Greek myth of Pandora (the world’s first woman, not the music-playing service), this “all-gifted” woman accidentally released all the world’s evils–famine, sickness, war, pain, death–when she opened her jar (later translated into a box).  The king of the Greek gods, Zeus, left her only one force with which to deal with all of humanity’s ills–the gift of Hope.

The lesson of that story, I suppose, is that Hope is the best weapon we have to deal with any difficulties we face.  So I guess that is why Hope is the subject of the latest 21-day Meditation Experience being offered by Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra.

This program, called Hope in Uncertain Times, consists of 21 days of FREE online guided meditations, introduced by Oprah and mostly conducted by Deepak, including a mantra for each day’s meditation and around 10 minutes of silence in which to meditate.  They claim the intention of the meditation series, which begins on April 10,  is to”eradicate fear and doubt” and to “renew a sense of trust and optimism about your life and the world around you.”

I’ve always enjoyed these free meditation series by Oprah and Deepak, and so I’m signed up to start the program next month.  If you would like to join me, visit to create your free account and sign up as well.




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