Am I Being Sexist?

Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while know that when Deepak Chopra announces one of his free 21 day meditation series, I sign up right away. Health, abundance, grace, peace, whatever the topic, I figure I could use some assistance on growing in that area through meditation. Last month, Chopra … More Am I Being Sexist?

Oprah and Deepak Can Help You Get Unstuck for Spring

Spring is the time for rebirth, and as I’ve stated in earlier posts, I’m definitely feeling Spring right now here in North Carolina. It feels not just like the seasonal Spring, but a metaphoric Spring of a healthier and more connected 2021 than the many sheltering-at-home days of 2020. Just in time to assist us … More Oprah and Deepak Can Help You Get Unstuck for Spring

Deepak Chopra Offering Free Series on Overcoming Chaos

  Got chaos in your life? These are crazy times, aren’t they?  So why not spend a few hours in the coming week learning from one of the great living spiritual teachers about how to use meditation to calm things down inside and outside your head?  Deepak Chopra is offer a FREE four-part webinar series … More Deepak Chopra Offering Free Series on Overcoming Chaos

Desire and Destiny

This morning I started the latest of the free meditation series offered by Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra.  It is a 21-day program of free daily meditations, this time on the theme of Desire and Destiny.  Deepak explains that while many people think our desires detract from our spiritual pursuits, he believes just the opposite; … More Desire and Destiny

Welcoming Spring

Happy Spring!  Yesterday was the Vernal Equinox, the first time in the year that we had equal amounts of daytime and nighttime (at least at the equator).  Now we will have a few more minutes of light every day until we reach our peak at the Summer Solstice in  June (which represents the end of spring … More Welcoming Spring

Meditation Monday: Three Weeks of Hope

In the ancient Greek myth of Pandora (the world’s first woman, not the music-playing service), this “all-gifted” woman accidentally released all the world’s evils–famine, sickness, war, pain, death–when she opened her jar (later translated into a box).  The king of the Greek gods, Zeus, left her only one force with which to deal with all of … More Meditation Monday: Three Weeks of Hope