Deepak Chopra Offering Free Series on Overcoming Chaos



Got chaos in your life? These are crazy times, aren’t they?  So why not spend a few hours in the coming week learning from one of the great living spiritual teachers about how to use meditation to calm things down inside and outside your head?  Deepak Chopra is offer a FREE four-part webinar series entitled:  Overcoming Chaos:  The Science and Magic of Meditation.


The goals of the workshop are to

  • Feel light and joyful
  • Melt away stresses and anxieties
  • Move past the chaos
  • Harness the power of meditation
Here is the agenda for the series:

Session 1: Resolving Conflict From Within (June 14 at 7am PT)

  • Why internal conflict arises
  • Crucial questions to ask yourself when confronted with conflict
  • 7 key steps to resolve conflict with others
  • Why meditation significantly reduces the negative effects of conflict

Session 2: From Stress to Stillness – 7 Tools for Inner Peace (June 17 at 7am PT)

  • Why our body and mind are hardwired to experience stress
  • The unexpected effects stress can have on your mind and body
  • The scientific link between meditation and stress-relief
  • 7 powerful tools to transform your stress into peace

Session 3: How To Instantly Calm The Anxious Mind (June 19 at 7am PT)

  • Why you never seem to achieve ‘peace of mind’
  • The S.T.O.P formula to instantly become present
  • How breathing can settle the mind
  • The #1 way to connect into silence

Session 4: The Science and Magic of Primordial Sound Meditation (June 21 at 7am PT)

  • 7 benefits you never knew about meditation
  • What Primordial Sound Meditation is and why it’s so unique
  • A simple and achievable way to create a daily meditation practice
  • How you can join us on the Pathway to Peace and discover the secrets of Primordial Sound Meditation (click here for the Chopra Center article on “What Is Primordial Sound Meditation“)

I practice meditation regularly and know the benefits it brings me, but I’m always ready to learn more.  So I’m signed up–would you like to join us?  But act soon, because it starts tomorrow morning (on the US clock, at least).

Thanks to my friend BB for letting me know about this opportunity to learn from a master meditator!


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