Oprah and Deepak Can Help You Get Unstuck for Spring

Spring is the time for rebirth, and as I’ve stated in earlier posts, I’m definitely feeling Spring right now here in North Carolina. It feels not just like the seasonal Spring, but a metaphoric Spring of a healthier and more connected 2021 than the many sheltering-at-home days of 2020.

Just in time to assist us with the rebirthing process are Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra, who are offering another 21 Day Meditation program for free! This one is called “Getting Unstuck: Creating an Unlimited Life”––perfect for this season, I think. Apparently this is the last time Oprah is going to be part of one of these series, so that’s another reason not to miss it. I always find these series helpful in giving me structured meditations around issues in my life, so I recommend them to everyone.

If you haven’t done one of these before, you access an inspirational thought by Oprah and a meditation with a Sanskrit mantra from Deepak, either by computer or through an app. Here is an example from the first day’s mediation:

 Day 1 – Getting Unstuck Leads to Fulfillment 
We are excited to have you join us on this illuminating journey. Together we will learn that getting unstuck means removing the limitations we experience in the areas of life that frustrate us. Whether it is work, relationships, or finances, our old patterns of behavior condition our perceptions and so we believe our choices are limited for experiencing the life we want.

In today’s meditation, we discover that to get unstuck, all we need to do is expand our awareness. In that awareness the limitations on our perceptions dissolve, our options or choices increase, and we find the inner fulfillment that is our true self.

Over the next few weeks, we will learn ways to get unstuck and discover our inherent fulfillment in mind, body, and spirit.

Our centering thought for today is:
I am fulfilled when I can be who I want to be.

The daily meditations unlock day by day and will be available for free through April 18. You will get a daily email inviting you to that day’s meditation.

Thousands of us have done this in past programs. If you want to join us, sign up at: https://chopracentermeditation.com/.

Let’s all get unstuck together!

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