Welcoming Spring


Happy Spring!  Yesterday was the Vernal Equinox, the first time in the year that we had equal amounts of daytime and nighttime (at least at the equator).  Now we will have a few more minutes of light every day until we reach our peak at the Summer Solstice in  June (which represents the end of spring and the beginning of summer).

While my family up north are still digging themselves out of the snow, spring has certainly arrived here in central North Carolina.  My son and I marked the occasion by visiting one of the most beautiful places in the NC Triangle region–the Sarah P. Duke Gardens at Duke University.  While we strolled and appreciated the many wonders through the gorgeous facility, I particularly enjoyed the Historic Terrace Garden, which is now awash with colors from the blooms of thousands of daffodils, tulips, grasses, and other flowers.  My pictures do not capture the radiance of the scene, but I will share them anyway, just to give you a taste of the beauty:


Who wouldn’t feel refreshed and re-energized after spending time in this sea of seasonal inflorescence?

Spring is a time that beckons us to leave our homes and re-establish our relationship with the natural world.  However, if you are living in one of the areas that still feels more like winter than spring, of if you want to deepen your spring experience even in more moderate temperatures like we have in North Carolina right now, here are some suggestions from the Chopra Center about rituals you can do to make the spring season a new start for your spirit:

  • Do a series of 108 sun salutation, a standardized sequence of yoga poses designed to be done in the direction of the sun
  • Use mala beads or other markers as you recite 108 blessings for spring
  • Plant some seeds, not only to grow something beautiful or useful, but as a metaphor for the non-physical seeds you are nurturing in your consciousness
  • Do a cleansing–of your house, your car, your yard, or your body
  • Make a practice of going outside and paying careful attention to what new signs of spring you can find each day
  • Set some intentions for the next three months

What are you doing to recognize the new season of rebirth and renewal?


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