Finding Your Bliss in Beer

Since Wednesdays are traditionally known as “Hump Day,” and often involve an alcoholic libation to celebrate the middle of the work week, I thought it might be an appropriate time to share a local good news story.

Now, when I think of the places with a trendy beer scene, I mostly think of hip cities out West, like Boulder, CO or Santa Fe, NM, or maybe an Eastern city like Boston.  I don’t usually think of North Carolina…but if I did, it would be Asheville, which probably is the closest thing we have for a hip town.  Where I live, Cary, NC, is mostly a lovely, arts-oriented, family-oriented suburban community for Raleigh and the Research Triangle area.  Nice place to live, but hip…not really.  But things may be changing…

For example, last week, USA Today selected Bond Brothers Beer Company, a recent addition to a renewed Cary downtown, as “The Best New Brewery” in the entire country for 2017!  Here is USA Today’s description of the place:

Started in April, 2016, Bond Brothers Beer Company brews up high-quality artisanal beers – mostly ales and sours – for thirsty beer lovers in historic downtown Cary, North Carolina. The dog- and kid-friendly brewery, taproom and beer garden features 14 beers on tap, monthly brewery tours and a barrel sour program.

But I think USA Today left out two of the best aspects about Bond Brothers.  First of all, it is a wonderful success story of people following their bliss.  Twin brothers Jeremy and Jay Bond, along with friends Andy Schnitzer and Whit Baker, began simply brewing beer in a shed at Jeremy’s Raleigh home.  However, after winning 25 prizes in 8 local and regional home-brew competitions, the beer makers wanted to try brewing on a commercial level.  They developed a partnership with a Cary-based developer that was a win-win for all:  the developer created the facility in an old shopping strip that was being revitalized, and the men made the beer.  Now, just a year after they opened, they are getting national recognition for the quality of their brews.  Great going, guys!

However, another great thing about this business is how community-oriented they are.  I brought my neighbor to Bond Brothers (which is only a 1 mile walk from our houses, so we can imbibe responsibly without having to worry about driving home) last month because they were having a fundraiser for a local arts organization, Cary Visual Arts.  Bond Brothers was donating 10% of all sales to CVA’s scholarship program, which gives money to graduating Cary-area high school seniors to study art in college.  That cause is dear to my heart, but I know they have done multiple fundraisers for other local non-profits.  I have also seen donated kegs at many Cary charitable receptions or other adult activities.  All their used grain is taken to a local small family-owned farm to be part of a healthy cattle diet, and their other compostable refuse (including all their disposable cups and other items, made to be compostable) is collected by CompostNow , thereby reducing the landfill waste and creating rich soil instead.

So, people making their dreams come true, environmentally- and community-conscious, and award-winning beer to boot–what’s not to love?

They also host events for various populations in the community, including runners, yoga fans, artists, dog owners, and more.  Last year, they sponsored a Guinness World Record-breaking activity for the largest number of people running or walking in flip flops, and hope to regain the title this June after being bested recently by a group in Spain.  And, on Saturday, April 1, from 12:00 pm – 11:00 pm, they are throwing a Spring Festival, with live bands, food trucks, chalk contest, kids activities, and local artists and vendors.  Entrance is free, but you need to pay for any food and beer you want.

So if you are in the Cary area, come check them out (they also serve wine, cider, and non-alcoholic drinks if you are under 21 and/or are not a beer drinker).  Their 3,000 square feet outdoor beer garden is a great place to hang out if you’ve caught our recent Spring Fever!







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