Pray Rain

This morning I got an urgent prayer request from the other side of the world. My good friend and spiritual teacher, Lorna Madill, is currently visiting Australia, where she lived for several years. Lorna attested to the devastation in that beautiful land from the wild fires we have been seeing in the news. Her request … More Pray Rain

Will You Be Able to See the Eclipse This Summer? Find Out Here

One of the biggest events of Summer 2017 will be the total solar eclipse on Monday, August 21 that will be visible in 14 US states (including NORTH CAROLINA, YAY!)  In North Carolina, only the westernmost tip will see it as a total eclipse like the one shown here, but it will be a pretty … More Will You Be Able to See the Eclipse This Summer? Find Out Here

Celebrating Women as the Original Scientists

This wonderful month of April is coming to an end, and so is National Poetry Month and the official Week of Action follow-up to April 22nd’s March For Science.  However, there are still plenty of opportunities for those of us who would like to see our governmental policies based on science instead of….well, let’s just say … More Celebrating Women as the Original Scientists

Celebrating Community

I had a glorious weekend the past couple of days.  How about you? For me, it wasn’t just that the weather was ideal and my community is alive with all the signs of spring–birds singing, colorful blossoms in the sky and on the ground, that special spring green color of brand-new leaves, or the people […]

More Celebrating Community