Pray Rain

This morning I got an urgent prayer request from the other side of the world. My good friend and spiritual teacher, Lorna Madill, is currently visiting Australia, where she lived for several years. Lorna attested to the devastation in that beautiful land from the wild fires we have been seeing in the news. Her request that we channel our global spiritual forces with a single intention: Pray Rain!

Her fuller prayer is contained below:

My friend Azurae says, “Don’t pray for rain, pray rain.” I say, “See it, drum it, call in the water spirits. See water pouring from the heavens onto the fire and the land. Feel it and thank it! Bless the water and the fire. The fire because of what it has brought to our consciousness and ignited within us with a renewed respect for its power to both create and destroy. Water to dowse the flames and send charcoal to the Mother to feed her nakedness and smoldering spirit. May the koalas and roos find safety. May all of this glorious planet (humans and animal relatives) through the blessings of Creator be regenerated to its fullness over time and much community and global effort. I am so grateful for the continent and for those who work for her preservation. She, this land down-under, is my true and most sacred spiritual/physical home. SIGH!” 

Thank you for your spiritual support, 
Talks with Two Trees.
Australia the land where this name came from. 

Ironically, it is raining in Triangle NC as I post this. Last night as I was driving home in the dark and the rain from an evening event, I was even complaining about it. But now I’m directing all my water energy to the place that really needs it right now. I invite you to join us in addressing through spiritual energy what government institutions have not been able to manage.

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