Tomorrow is Earth Day

Tomorrow, Wednesday, April 22, 2020 is Earth Day. Not just any Earth Day–the 50th anniversary of the first Earth Day. The Earth Day organization had big plans for activities across the globe (including a Teach-in at the Cary Downtown Farmers Market on “Reducing Your Carbon Foodprint” organized in part by yours truly), but, alas, they have moved to an all-digital format due to…you guessed it, the coronavirus.

Nonetheless, they are promising hourly actions we can take on behalf of the earth all day tomorrow, among many other resources. So be sure to check them out tomorrow at:

There are also lots of other organizations that are hosting online Earth Day events, both tomorrow and all this week. Among my favorites is the Earth Optimism Digital Summit sponsored by the Smithsonian Institute. During this online conference, which runs from April 22-26, the focus is on people and initiatives that are making a difference for our global environment and wildlife. Because we all need more good news these days, right?

Tune into the proceedings live via their website ( or on Facebook LiveTwitter, and YouTube.

The motto this year was to encourage people to SAVE the planet in four ways:

Speak up




We may not be able to gather together tomorrow, but we can all think of ways we can contribute to goal of making our planet a healthier place for all the living creatures in our world.

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