Celebrating Earth Day with a Digital Despacho

It’s still only halfway through, but my Earth Day experience is including techniques old and new. How about yours?

I started this morning at 7:00 AM by participating in a Global Coherence Meditation Session sponsored by HearthMath through their Global Coherence App on my iPhone. Next I took a good old-fashioned meditation walk (it is a gorgeous day here today!), trying to really see and truly appreciate all the wonders of Mother Earth–grasses and trees and stones and birds and so one. Likewise, when I took my shower, I worked at being truly grateful for the water streaming down my outer skin and pumping through my body.

Then I checked out the online speakers organized by EarthDay.org (as I described yesterday), delivered over computer since social distancing disrupted all their plans for large public gatherings. Of course, I did have to get SOME work done, so I focused on that for a few hours.

The highlight of the day though, so far at least, has been a wonderful ancient spiritual ceremony conducted by Shannon Plummer, who, along with Bob Sima, created Where the Light Gets In (see my previous write-up at https://blissfullu.com/2020/01/02/new-year-new-eyes/). Shannon has studied shamanism with traditional Peruvian teachers and uses those skills in her mission to relentlessly support people.

Today she, with Bob’s assistance, relentlessly supported some of us by conducting a traditional Peruvian prayer ritual called a despacho. A despacho is a sacred ceremony to communicate with the spirit world, to express gratitude and/or intentions, and to encourage healing or to restore balance when it is needed. This ceremony, which involves creating a prayer bundle similar to what is shown in the picture above, was dedicated to Earth Day as a way for us to express gratitude to the planet and to provide healing for the world of nature and for our individual situations. However, while following time-honored practices, Shannon utilized the modern vehicles of Zoom and Facebook Live to share it with people across the country, or maybe even around the world.

In short, after calling in the energies of the six directions, Shannon added specific items to the bundle that represented different aspects of Mother Earth. She explained the significance of each object and held it up to the camera, inviting us to blow our prayers and our intentions related to that spiritual principle for each one. There were quite a number of items, so it took a good bit of time. But by the conclusion of the ceremony, we had the opportunity to express gratitude to just about all aspects of the Earth and of our lives. Shannon wrapped up the bundle and tied it with yarn, explaining they would later burn it to send all those prayers and intentions into the heavens.

It felt a little strange to be blowing my prayers at my computer, just as I’m sure it was a bit awkward for Shannon to be conducting the ceremony to a screen instead of to actual people. But it was a beautiful and meaningful ritual that I had never experienced before, and felt like a very spiritual way to honor the planet and my commitment to helping it to heal.

It was the perfect representation of our society these days. We are all reinventing ourselves and figuring out how to keep our lives moving forward while keeping our physical presence away from each other. Thanks to Shannon and Bob for finding a unique way to bring us together to honor this day.

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