Third Day of Peace Thought: Getting to Know Ukraine

I suspect that many of you are probably similar to me when it comes to the Ukraine. While of course I support the country against the undeserved aggression by the Russian military, I don’t really know that much about Ukraine as a country. For example, did you know it’s the second largest country in Europe, … More Third Day of Peace Thought: Getting to Know Ukraine

An Addendum to Heroes

One of my dear blog readers sent me this tidbit this morning: So yes–Hugh Bonneville, star of the Paddington movies, confirmed that Ukrainian President Zelenksy provided the voice of Paddington in the Unkrainian version of the movie as one of the roles in his former career as a comedian and actor. If you recall, he … More An Addendum to Heroes


As I write this post this morning, my heart is heavy, knowing the beautiful city show above, Kyiv (often also Westernized as Kiev), is under attack by Russian troops seeking to take over the country. There have been explosions and fighting and already hundreds of deaths and casualities, many if not most of them among … More Heroes