An Addendum to Heroes

One of my dear blog readers sent me this tidbit this morning:

So yes–Hugh Bonneville, star of the Paddington movies, confirmed that Ukrainian President Zelenksy provided the voice of Paddington in the Unkrainian version of the movie as one of the roles in his former career as a comedian and actor. If you recall, he starred in a Ukrainian television series in which he played a school teacher who suddenly becomes President through some strange chain of events. So Zelensky’s path took him from playing a President on TV to becoming the strongest, most courageous leader of the second largest country in Europe, at least for quite a while. It’s as if the movie Dave (a movie I LOVE) came TRUE (what a dream that would be!).

So kudos again to President Zelensky for the range of his talents and abilities. As one of the commenters of Bonneville’s tweet said, Is there anything this man CAN’T do?

Here is the video about Zelensky filming Paddington:

And if you aren’t familiar with the movie Dave, I recommend you watch it. Or watch it again if you have seen it. It’s the kind of uplifting story we need right now. And such a great cast! Here is the trailer:

2 thoughts on “An Addendum to Heroes

  1. I’ve become quite a fan of Russell Brand. He and other comics or entertainers are doing a lot to have open conversations on many topics. Thanks for the great info. today. Dave is a fun film indeed.


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