Happy Narwhal Friday


Happy Friday!  This showed up in my inbox this morning and made me smile, so I thought I would share it in hopes it would do the same for you.  It’s always great to start off a Friday with a smile.

One thing I love about the Internet is how it allows anyone to share their gifts, talents, and passions with the world.  So one of the blogs I’ve been following for years is Bakingdom by a military wife named Darla who is unabashedly in love with Harry Potter, Star Trek, Dr. Who….and, of course, baking.  She just seems like such a fun, lively person, passionate about the things she cares about and open to adventures and new experiences.  I think she is someone I would love to hang out with, if she didn’t live hundreds of miles away.

It was her birthday last weekend, so she made this cake for herself for her birthday.  On her blog, she gives detailed instructions, supported by wonderful pictures, about how we could make our own narwhal cake..which is something I would NEVER, EVER even attempt.  I really have no interest in making a cake like that, but I LOVE that someone is out there, using their abilities to create such an adorable thing.  And narwhals are another under-appreciated animal, so its great to generate some narwhal love.

However, if you are someone who does like to put time into baking and wants some creative and delicious new ideas, definitely check out Bakingdom.  I’ll just share a couple of my favorites of her projects:

I think I started following her blog when I stumbled upon these incredible Star Trek cookies when surfing the web many years ago:


And I share her obsession with Harry Potter, so of course I fell in love with one of her previous birthday cakes, which includes Fawkes the Phoenix atop a cake that combines her girly flowers with potions, the golden Snitch, the Sorting Hat, and Harry’s Gryffindor  scarf wrapped around a broomstick.


Creativity shows up in all sorts of different forms.  I celebrate anyone making things that bring more joy to the world!  And I am so appreciative that we now have the technology to share our creations with each other, worldwide, easily, and at no cost.  We live in an amazing era!

Enjoy your Friday.  And remember, it IS Mardi Gras weekend, so laissez le bon temps rouler, as they say in New Orleans!


Note:  The photographs are copyright © 2010-2017 Bakingdom, Darla Wireman, but used here under a Creative Commons noncommercial attribution license.

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