Change (Song for Denise)


One of my favorite people just got home last night after spending 3 months living in Africa.  I’m sure that in many ways, she feels transformed by the incredible experience of living in such a different culture.  But I know that at her core, she is the same powerful, loving, wise, spiritual, courageous woman and good friend who we knew before her voyage.

Therefore, I’m featuring this rap song, “Change” by Pallaso and the Mess, as a welcome home celebration from her friends.  Of course, most of our lives don’t line up with what is discussed in the song, but the commitment to friends is the same.  And one of the things I love about this song is that it is a collaboration between a black musician from Uganda who goes by Pallaso and a white rapper from Maine (USA) who is known as The Mess.  So how does that happen?  How does someone in Uganda hook up to do art with someone from the small, Northernmost state on the US East Coast?  Once again, I marvel at how technology supports us in making unexpected connections.

According to a review by The Free Press, Pallaso “showcased his impressive rap skills, but was based in the soca tradition. His songs were long jams with an upbeat syncopated drumbeat and repetitive vocals,” while The Mess “has collaborated with Pallaso on Change to create tracks that are laden with sampled synthesizers and use chord progressions that are synonymous with American pop—predictable, repetitive and classic in every way.”  I don’t really know what that means, except that it is a mixture of African, Caribbean, and US musical styles, which I think is really cool.  And I like the song, which is what really matters, right?

So, for Denise: We are glad to have you back!






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