Preparing for the Solar Eclipse with Nia


Do you know Nia?  It is a non-impact aerobic workout program to international music that draws from many different strands of dance, martial arts, yoga, and other wellness practices.  But in a Nia routine, participants are supposed to address not only the body component of health, but also of the mind and spirit.  At least at the classes I’ve taken, there is usually a spiritual intention or thread throughout the exercises that connects the movements to a mental or emotional goal.

My Nia class is Monday mornings, so I was fortunate enough to have that as part of my Great American Solar Eclipse Day.  The instructor picked a particular routine for today that focused on Totality or Convergence.  She encouraged us to personalize it:  what seemingly-opposite components do we want to bring together in our own lives?  And as we did the different moves, she talked about the solar and the lunar energies coming together (leaving it up to us as to what they represent in our own lives).

I absolutely loved that idea of Convergence as the spiritual theme behind the eclipse.  The United States is particularly blessed with this eclipse, since it moves through our entire nation during normal hours.  And when we seem so divided, wouldn’t it be lovely for the solar eclipse to bring the energy of coming together to our nation?

I always enjoy my Nia classes (although, to be honest, I only started them a few weeks ago).  But today particularly, I appreciated the experience not only for making me feel good in my body, but for giving me a lens through which to consider the spiritual implications our big event today.





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