Rethinking Wednesday, SNAP Challenge Edition


Not a lot of exciting new food for you in this post.  Even after eating mostly leftovers yesterday, we still had a lot of leftovers!  The last time I did the SNAP Challenge, I did have leftovers at the end of the week, which we ate the following week. But this time, we are going out of town as soon as our SNAP Challenge week ends, so if we don’t eat all the food up, it will end up as waste.

This is really making me think about the volume of food I could in one dish.  I like cooking once and eating from it for a day or two, but it needs to be just one recipe, not several.  This exercise is teaching me about how I have a tendency to overcook.

So today we had the modified broccoli soup, which is pretty much eaten up by now.  We also had focaccia.  However, I did make a tomato sauce from some of the remaining tomatoes, peppers, garlic, and onions, which we used as a sauce for the focaccia for something different.   With the Farmers Market vegetables, it is a good and healthy sauce.  Again, we had fruit to finish off the meal.

This is good for me.  I’m learning to eat up one thing at a time instead of focusing on variety that can overshadow leftovers that need to be eaten up.

Once again, I’m grateful for the lessons I’m getting from this exercise.


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