Social Media Sunday

March 29, 2020 Service of the Triangle Center of Spiritual Living via Zoom

Sundays are the days when the majority, although certainly not all, of religions or spiritual communities in the United States have their major services or gatherings. As in so many organizations, these institutions are struggling to continue serving their communities in a digital way that protects public health and safety and abides by increasingly strict government restrictions.

Although this can force religious and spiritual organizations to have to stretch and adapt, it is a time when people need the support of their faith traditions to keep them in the best possible spirits under the circumstances.

There has been a lot of well-deserved praise and support for those on the front lines–the doctors and nurses and medical technicians, EMTs, and other first responders. There is also a lot of appreciation for those who continue to work in essential businesses, like the grocery stores and pharmacies and gas stations and such.

I just wanted to give a shout out to all the people in religious and spiritual organizations who are also giving their all to figure out how to use technology to support us all through these difficult times.

This is a screen shot from this morning’s service at my personal spiritual center. We have a ceremony where we recognize the major spiritual traditions in the world, believing they are all different pathways to the same essential truths. Our minister’s talk today was “We’re All In This Together.” I just think that is a beautiful truth to remember.

Thanks to the people in my community who made it possible for me to watch the service this morning via Zoom. And thanks to all the thousands of people who are performing similar services to their communities around the world, for so many different faiths and beliefs and religious practices. We are all better off when we can continue to be inspired by the those who help us move our focus from our personal daily fears and concerns to a bigger and higher perspective.


PS–If you want an uplifting talk about how we are all in this together, here is Reverend Dusty’s talk from this morning:

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