Broadway Blessings, Day 1

This is the start of a special weekend in the Christian tradition. I’m a spiritual person very committed to my spiritual center. But if there is anything that could compete with my spiritual commitment, it is my love for…Broadway musicals!

Broadway, as the exemplar for all US theater, has always been the most progressive of the traditional theatrical arts (that is, more than movies or TV). I think the Broadway musical is outstanding in its ability to bring song, music, dance, dress, setting, and theater to address the subject at hand. Alas, the Broadway League has announced that all shows are closed until June 7, and we all know it may be later than that. Still, people are finding ways to present Broadway music to combat these dark circumstances.

To celebrate this special holiday season, I’m turning to Broadway musicals to uplift us during trying times. In embracing the art form, I also mean to send support to the US city that is experiencing the greatest challenges with the coronavirus at the time I am writing this.

In the video below, I know James Corden’s vulnerable introduction speaks for me about how I’m feeling during this pandemic situation–and I’m sure others do as well. And I embrace the Broadway performance at the end, which also expresses what I hold for us all.

May this holiday be an occasion of honesty, hope, and healing.

PS–I LOVE the woman, who I can only assume is a mom, who sings in her mini van. What a great commitment to sending positive energy into the world, even if it means singing from her car! She is the embodiment of do what you can when you can with what you can.

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