Wake County Library Seeking Book Returns on Thursday, May 28

We miss you too!

Personally, I don’t miss shopping in a lot of my usual stores, and I can deal with eating take-out at home instead of eating at my favorite restaurants. But one of the things that I REALLY miss in our shut-down is our library system. I can walk to my nearest one, and love to work there in addition to browsing and checking out books.

So I’m advertising this event that only relates to people in Wake County. The Wake County Public Library System will be collecting returned books on Thursday, March 28, from 4-6 PM at their regional libraries. The rationale is that only the regional libraries have enough space for librarians to process books while maintaining an appropriate social distance. Also, all returned books will be “quarantined” for 72 hours to reduce any health dangers for the librarians cataloging them.

The good news is that the library system is looking towards the time they can reopen, HOPEFULLY in the not-too-distant future. This is a step for them to be able to process a number of the many books out in a safe way before reopening and having to deal with a deluge of returned books. The plan is to continue to “quarantine” returned books for 72 hours, so the more we can return early, the less pressure on the librarians to process books once they reopen and have to deal with reduced numbers and social distancing and all the other issues public building will need to handle once they reopen.

So if you are in Wake County, and if you have library books out, if you can, please bring some back on Thursday. This is not a requirement; you will not be fined if you don’t return them on that day. Also, know that they will be collecting the books outside, so you don’t need to enter the building itself. However, it will assist the librarians in spreading out the work of getting our books back into the system and providing the services that they do so well.

For a list of the libraries participating in the book returns and other information about the library system reopening, please visit their website at: http://www.wakegov.com/libraries/services/about/Pages/covid19.aspx

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