Free, Family Friendly, Live Streaming Concert to Benefit Pay-what-you-can Cafe

Three students who grew up homeschooling together (along with my son) started playing music together a few years ago.  Even though they are all attending college, they have continued playing together on holidays in a band they named The Offbeats.  They specialize in playing family-friendly classic rock.

While this is mostly just a hobby and creative outlet for them, they wanted to use their talents to make a difference for people during these tough times.  So, on Wednesday, July 29 at 7:00 PM, they are offering a FREE live online concert (via Zoom and Facebook Live) to benefit A Place at the Table (APATT), Raleigh’s pay-what-you can cafe.

APATT opened in 2018 with a mission of providing everyone who showed up  with a delicious meal and a place they felt welcome, regardless of their ability to pay.  It operated with a suggested price, accepted however much people could pay, or allowed people to volunteer in exchange for their meal.  

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 the volunteer option is not possible due to social distancing and other new hygiene regulations.  However, with the economic fallout from COVID-19, there is more need for food assistance than ever.  In the first 7 weeks APATT donated 9,000 meals, which was more than the meals they gave away in all of 2018.

​All proceeds for the concert, which will feature summer-related hits, will go to APATT.   Each $10 donation will cover the cost for one meal. The band is being hosted by the Triangle Center for Spiritual Living, who are handling the livestream technology and online donation collection.   

Here are the instructions to view the concert:
To join via Facebook Live:

To join via Zoom:

Zoom Meeting ID:  261 073 9740
Password:  507061

To donate to the cause, please visit:

For more information on A Place at the Table, please visit:

​Congratulations to these young people for finding a way to help out others in need even while we’re all still sheltering at home.  If you can, please help the cause with a small donation.

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