The 12-ish Gifts of 2020: The Instant Pot

It’s Meatless Monday again, but I’m not sharing a recipe because we had leftover mash-up (vegetarian, and earth-friendly because it is using up food we’ve already cooked). But looking back at 2020, I have to say that I’m really grateful to the Instant Pot for its contributions to our meals this year.

I got an Instant Pot at Christmas a year? or two? ago, and I’ve used it regularly since then. The bone broth I make from any chicken or turkey or other meat with bones is FANTASTIC, since it reduced my cooking time from 24 hours in the slow cooker to 90 minutes in the Instant Pot. And it is fantastic for cooking beans quickly, even if you forget to soak them overnight. I’ve made lots of Instant Pot recipes since then, and it has been great.

However, this year I’ve got beyond my tendency to cook what I’ve always cooked except faster in the Instant Pot inclination. There are three meatless staples that I’ve mastered this year for the first time in the Instant Pot:

  1. Hummus
    As shown above, I’ve started making hummus for the first time in the Instant Pot, and it is has been a HUGE hit with my family.
  2. Yogurt
    I’ve made regular yogurt, but the real hit this year has been making chocolate yogurt from the delicious local chocolate milk from Mapleview Farm, which has resulted in many a lovely chocolate lunch or dessert for me and my family this year.
  3. Rice
    I’m embarrassed to say that for years my rice cooked in pots has been hit and miss. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s soggy, sometimes it’s burned. I started cooking the rice in the Instant Pot this year, and once I mastered my recipe (I cook brown or other unusual varieties, so I couldn’t always rely on the cookbooks), it comes out reliably every time.

So this Meatless Monday, I am grateful to the Instant Pot for supporting me in moving my family meals to a more plant-based diet.

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