Happy Twosday

Today is Tuesday, February 22, i.e., 02/22/2022 in the US; just about every place else in the world puts the day before the month and so writes it as 22/02/2022, which is a palindrome (although some argue that even our date is a palindrome if you write it as 2/22/22). Numerologists and astrologist and such are going crazy over this date, even more that the February 2 I wrote about earlier. Apparently there is a rush at wedding facilities due to people who want to want to get married on this auspicious date, ideally at 2:22 PM.

I’m teaching art this week at an elementary school that has encouraged everyone to come dressed is an outfit that represents Twosday. So today I’m wearing a tee shirt with the image above on it. Do you know why I think this is a good Twosday outfit?

Of course, one reason is that the women shown are dancing what we in the US call the can-can, which I’m calling 2can. But even more importantly, the picture is by Henri Marie Raymond de Toulouse-Lautrec, whose last name is, of course, pronounced as “2 loose La Trek.” So I’m not only wearing a Twosday outfit, but an art-inspired Twosday shirt!

I think I’ll continue the theme tonight after school by making it a Taco Twosday for dinner. Plus, it turns out it is National Margarita Day…which CAN NOT be a coincidence!

Enjoy your Twosday today, everyone.

2 thoughts on “Happy Twosday

  1. Yes, this is an auspicious date. I had a Born Tolouse button decades ago, and loved the film about his life Moulin Rouge starring Jose Ferrer circa 1952. Turner Classic Movies was a great resource for me in my teens. Enjoy your twofer day!

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