Is February 2, 2022 a Special Day?

I try to live like every day is a special day, and I’m sure that many of you do as well. But I’ve been getting various notices that today may be special in a special way.

Of course, it is Groundhog Day. However, since it has snowed or iced three weekends in a row in central North Carolina (not usually a big snow place) and another major storm is about to hit states from Texas to Maine, I don’t think we need a groundhog to tell us that spring isn’t going to show up anytime soon (although it is supposed to go up to 57 degrees this afternoon here in the Research Triangle area).

No, I’m talking about the fact today is 2/2/2022. Both numerologists and astrologists are exclaiming over what a special time it is right now. I’m only casually aware of either of those fields, so I don’t know how valid their claims are. On the other hand, when I get multiple emails or articles about something being special from very different sources, I figure maybe I should at least check it out. It is also the start of the Lunar New Year and Black History Month (both of which I will be posting about in the next couple of days), so it does kind of feel like a confluence of special energy.

For numerologists, 2 is a number that indicates duality, which I, at least, have a knee-jerk reaction to think of negatively, as in opposites that can cause conflict or resistance to each other. However, reading deeper into the writings of numerologists, 2 or duality also means relationship, partnership, harmony, maybe even completion. As the graphic above demonstrates, if we are just alone, who would we have to love besides ourselves? I know my husband and I are opposites in some ways, but he brings things that I lack and appreciate him supplying into the relationship, just as I do for him. Perhaps we need some “opposition” or difference in order to see ourselves clearly. Numerologists say that 2 brings the lessons of compromise, understanding, harmony, balance, and cooperation. Looking at our society right now, where so many of us seem to find these qualities difficult, perhaps it is significant to have a day with so many 2s in it.

Going farther, the numerologists say the number 222 is a powerful angelic number. This month, we are blessed with three days with multiple 2s: 2/2/22, 2/20/22, and 2/22/22. Given that it overlaps with two minorities (Asian and Black) that have seen particularly dramatic (and unfortunately, violent) conflicts with the dominant White majority (for now, at least), perhaps this is an auspicious time for us to make peace with the differences between us and to work towards seeing our differences as complementary rather than as opposites (which leads us to see others as opponents).

From the astrologists, I discovered that yesterday was a new moon, a symbol of a new beginning of the moon cycle. But this was a new moon associated with Aquarius, which is particularly associated with fresh starts, freedom, and original, progressive thinking. It is supposed to be a visionary, even revolutionary sign. I think we are all getting tired of things being the way they have been, particulary these past two year, and are ready for something new.

Finally, the astrologists say that the charts show a return of Pluto on…2/20/2022. Pluto is a symbol of destruction and transformation. I, at least, know some things I would like to see destroyed and transformed into a more positive and life-affirming life experience.

So I don’t know that any of this is “true.” But it inspires me to think of February as a month of possibility, of leaving behind differences and building relationships, of letting go of opposition and embracing new possibilities.

This month, when I look at another, I’m going to try to keep in mind the graphic above: my 1 plus their 1 equals love. If I can do that, I know I’m going to have a great month.

I hope you will as well.

3 thoughts on “Is February 2, 2022 a Special Day?

  1. Fun! Ground Hog Day is a perennial favorite DVD in our home for this day. It reminds me that the choices we make each day, to change or stay the same and expect the same outcome, is a personal choice. It is also funny. Thank you for sharing this invitation to the auspicious!


  2. I’m knowing the same along with you.
    Thank you for the insights, as always.
    Here’s to a fabulous February!


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