Meatless Monday: The Start of Strawberry Season!

WARNING: I start out with a bigger-picture strawberry-related rant on this post. If you just want a vegan strawberry scone recipe without that, scroll down until you see a picture. This weekend my Farmers Market delivered a wonderful Easter present to me–the first Farmers Market strawberries of the season! This is a BIG thing for … More Meatless Monday: The Start of Strawberry Season!

Swan Song Saturday, SNAP Challenge Edition

Our final SNAP Challenge Supper was tortilla soup, made from the bone broth of the chicken roasted earlier, along with leftover (frozen from earlier this week) shredded chicken, salsa, and most of our leftover items–sauteed onions, peppers, and garlic, the rest of the tomatoes, the rest of the black beans (not turned into the black … More Swan Song Saturday, SNAP Challenge Edition

Meatless Monday

Meatless Mondays are a program to reduce the environmental impact of our eating while improving our health by committing to a primarily plants-based diet on Mondays.  We’ve done this for years (not religiously….when it is a holiday or special occasion, I substitute a different day for our meatless regime), so of course I want to … More Meatless Monday

SNAP Starting Sunday

So here we are–starting our SNAP Challenge Take 2. This Sunday’s meal looks a lot like our Sunday meal on the first SNAP Challenge.  For lunch, we had another green soup. However, this is not my squash soup, it is my faux cream of broccoli soup.  I replace the cream with potatoes, which don’t have … More SNAP Starting Sunday

Meatless Monday, SNAP Challenge Edition

We’ve done Meatless Mondays at our house for years.  It is a movement that tries to nudge animal-eaters such as ourselves towards a more plant-based diet.  For most Americans, eating more vegetarian meals is one of the biggest steps towards reducing their carbon footprint.  Plus, properly-balanced vegan or vegetarian meals are also good for our … More Meatless Monday, SNAP Challenge Edition