Two Weeks of Free Cooking Lessons Starts Today (5/18)

One of the ways I’ve been passing the time at home in coronavirus-ville is experimenting more in the kitchen. I’m trying new recipes and new techniques, like making my own yogurt.

One of the resources I rely on is America’s Test Kitchen, publishers of Cook’s Magazine among other things. I love Cook’s Magazine because it explains the science behind every aspect of its recipes, like why it matters whether you use coarse kosher salt versus fine table salt, or how dutch-processed cocoa affects the chemistry of a cake compared to regular cocoa.

So when I got the notice that ATK is running a two-week video Cooking Bootcamp, I signed up right away. Starting Monday, May 18 at 3:00 PM Eastern Time, their cooking experts will be running two weeks (Monday-Friday) of short videos tackling some basic cooking issues or techniques.

May 18-22 is Basic Training, which covers topics like knife skills (I could use work on that), seasonings and sauces, and a title I love: Rescuing Vegetables from Mediocrity. During May 25-29, their Advanced Training will be tackling topics like Bread, Barbecue, and everyone’s favorite–CHOCOLATE!

It sounds like a fun pick-me-up during the afternoons (all shows broadcast at the same time, 3:00 PM in the East Coast) and I’m sure I’ll pick up some useful information and new ideas to try. If you would like to subscribe, do so on their YouTube channel at: .

UPDATE: Here is today’s video on knives:

SECOND UPDATE: Wow! In under 20 minutes, I learned several tricks that are really going to speed up my vegetable chopping! Thanks so much to Julia Collin Davison for the great lesson.

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