Swan Song Saturday, SNAP Challenge Edition


Our final SNAP Challenge Supper was tortilla soup, made from the bone broth of the chicken roasted earlier, along with leftover (frozen from earlier this week) shredded chicken, salsa, and most of our leftover items–sauteed onions, peppers, and garlic, the rest of the tomatoes, the rest of the black beans (not turned into the black bean and rice dish last night), topped with leftover cheddar cheese and toasted slices of the final remains of the focaccia.  Served with some salad, it was a lovely meal, but also used up most of our miscellaneous left over bits.

If I can get a good price, I like getting a healthy chicken.  It is usually the cheapest healthy meat, and chickens raised properly are not such a drain on the environment.  For my two SNAP Challenges, I was able to find large chickens on sale for just under $1/pound–PERFECT!  We had the chicken roasted the first night, then shredded cold chicken Caesar Salad another night, then picked the bones to make a healthy bone broth with many of the leftovers, including chicken.

Soup is a wonderful budget meal, because it uses water (cheap and healthy) to fill up our stomachs.  Plus, soup is often perfect for throwing togethers bits and pieces to make a main course.

All in all, it was a great meal to conclude our second, more-veggies-less-carbs version of our SNAP Challenge week (leftover farro and vegetables salad having been our lunch meal).

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