New Year, New Eyes

Let’s Make 2020 a SUPER Year!

Welcome to 2020!  I started this blog on January 2, 2017 after a visioning session at my spiritual center directed me to inject some positivity in a world where our focus seems to be on problems and what we perceive to be  “not working.”  As we kick off this new year, it just seems right to start with a new blog post.  (The teacher in me has to add that, despite how many times you have been told this is the start of a new decade, technically that isn’t true.  The first year in our calendar in the AD/CE period was not Year 0 but Year 1.  Therefore, our decades don’t run from 0-9, they run from 1-10.  Thus, 2020 is actually the last year of the decade that began with 2011.  However, it’s a lovely number and feels like the start of the new decade, so I’m rolling with it.)

Are you familiar with the musicians and metaphysicians Bob Sima and Shannon Plummer?  These two gifts to the planet are re-branding their many endeavors under one name:

Where the light gets in

with the proclaimed mission “To Relentlessly Inspire You.”  Doesn’t that sound great?  To get the whole scoop from the folks themselves, you can see their launch video:

The first thing they are doing are offering a FREE 5-Day Journey of “Music as Spiritual Practice.”  Each day they are putting up one of their songs, associating it with a spiritual quality, and inviting you to try to practice that quality intensely for that day.

Today’s quality is Reverence, and so I’m working on incorporating that into my life today.  I began by stroking one of my cats as she came to welcome me to this new day.  I tried to really listen to her purrs, to feel the softness of her fur, and to catalog the many colors in her tortoiseshell/mackerel tabby coat.  She was a reminder of the value of starting the day with love and connection and attention, rather than jumping up and getting to whatever my plans for the day are.

I peeled an orange for breakfast and tried to truly experience that as if for the first time–the firm, dappled skin in one hand as I cut the peel in swirls with my other hand.  I ate mindfully, allowing the small modules of juice to explode over my tongue and deliver their sweet goodness.

Except when they didn’t.  It turns out this wasn’t the luscious, perfect orange of my imagination.  Most were good, but a few sections were mealy and dry.  So what did I do?  I spit them out.

That may not sound like a big thing.  But perhaps like many of you, I was raised with a prohibition about wasting food (“Think of the starving children in ….” — name some impoverished country, although the sad truth is that there are hungry children even in our own land of privilege and prosperity).  But I realized that me forcing myself to eat bad food doesn’t serve me or anyone else.  Not eating the bad bits is a form of self-care.

So while I didn’t get the perfect orange experience, I think I did get the perfect life lesson for today.  The secret to living blissfully is to choose the things that support and uplift us and to rid ourselves of those that don’t.  The oranger was a perfect metaphor for my life–I consume the orange segments, the experiences, and especially the thoughts and feelings that bring me joy, and release without anger, resentment, or guilt those that don’t.

So thanks, Bob and Shannon, for inspiring that lesson this morning.  I look forward to the other lessons to come.

If you want to join this journey, you can sign up at the new website:  I’ll be blogging my experience along the journey, but would love to hear about your experience as well in my blog’s comment section.  Let’s inspire each other!

I’m also going to share some of my other favorite spiritual resource people in the coming days so if you enjoy Bob and Shannon, come back for some others along the same lines.

May 2020 be your best year ever!

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