Being a Good Coronavirus Neighbor, Part #1

I know we are all dealing with our own levels of fear about how this disease may effect us, our family, our friends, our neighborhood, and the world. So I wanted to write about a few ways my local community (Cary, NC) is coping with this situation.

One thing I love is that our local sustainable farmers are looking out for each other. Our Cary Downtown Farmers Market is still operating on Saturday mornings, but many are not. However, our vendors are bringing some products that they don’t offer, but are produced by their neighboring farms, to sell at our market along with their usual goods. Great for us (ME!) as consumers, but also great for the farmers who lack their usual outlets for their products.

Another local sustainable farm has stopped using farmers markets and has developed a delivery system. They are incorporating products they don’t have that their neighbors have sold in farmers markets that have shut down to bring more choices to us buyers while helping out other local farmers.

There is more to share, but I’ll stop here because I’m focusing on sustainable farms because tomorrow is my Farmers Market! I know I’ll be coming home tomorrow with tasty, sustainable, healthy food, both from my usual vendors but also with the others they are helping out,

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