Free Ebook to Spark Family Discussions about COVID-19

I know I haven’t been writing as many blog posts as usual, and the graphic above helps to explain why. I have been finalizing a resource for family discussion around our current pandemic: a FREE ebook entitled World Myths About Disease.

Ever since the pandemic got really serious in March, with schools shutting down and everyone sheltering at home, I’ve been trying to think of a way I could support families during these tough times. At the end of June, while I was researching World Mythology for my fall literature classes, I had an inspiration—maybe I could create a learning and discussion tool around the pandemic based on traditional myths about disease. I founded my business, Heroic University, on the belief that stories are still the greatest teaching technology we have. So it made sense to me to create a guide around using ancient mythological stories to help families get a new perspective on our current health challenge.

This 48-page ebook presents a short myth about the origin of disease from 5 different traditional cultures around the world.

Each myth includes a map of the culture, discussion questions, and a place for students to create art, do some creative writing, and/or record their research related to that culture or myth.

The ebook includes examples of potential answers and artwork or creative writing for each myth. It is designed to support families in using stories to talk about the global pandemic we are facing and perhaps raise some new–or maybe very old–ideas or perspectives about disease.

It is available for FREE download at this page on my business website:

I hope you find it to be an interesting and useful resource. If so, please spread the word through your networks. I would like it to assist as many people as possible in looking at COVID-19 in a new way!

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