Elton in Turkey

This is the last in the free weekend streaming of his concerts on Sir Elton John’s YouTube channel (there were three before I found out about them). Starting at 3 PM Eastern time and lasting for 72 hours, anyone can stream his 2001 concert from the Great Amphitheatre in Ephesus, Turkey. How cool and exotic is that?

It sounds like this concert will be the complete opposite of the concert in Madison Square Garden. Last week’s concert was wild and high energy, with lots of lights and dynamic performances and guest appearances from other stars. Obvious, the Great Amphitheatre in Esphesus (which was built around 200 BC/BCE) has a totally different vibe. So the writeup promises that this will be one of the most intimate of Sir Elton’s concerts. No outrageous outfits, no lasers and colors and lights….it sounds like it will mostly just me a man and his piano. That will be a fun way to wrap up this series for us, as my son has been tolerantly watching along with me.

Of course, we need food to match the setting. Turkey claims to be the originator of the kebob, so last night I chopped up some organic-ish chicken thighs from Queen B at the Cary Downtown Farmers Market and marinated them in a yogurt-based (I made the plain yogurt myself from Maple View Farms milk) sauce spiced up with onions, garlic, and tomato from Parker Farms. Then I’ll place them on skewers, cook them on the grill, and there we have it–authentic Tavuk Sis! I’m also making Iman Bayilda, which is an eggplant casserole with tomatoes, onions, and peppers (all of which came from Parker Farms, Sapony Creek Farm, and LB’s Farm), but with very different spices from the ratatouille I made for Bastille Day. Of course, I’ll serve it with a rice pilaf, since apparently ALL meals in Turkey include rice.

So that’s our Friday night plans. Hope your evening is fun as well!

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