Did You Hear that Winter’s Over?

This morning in North Carolina, it is cool, dark, and rainy. Still, I know that Spring is here.

This month I have been studying Persian mythology with the students of my literature classes. In the Persian, now Iranian, culture, the New Year, called Nowruz, occurs on March 21. The picture above displays a typical Nowruz table (called Haft-Seen) that contains seven items starting with the letter S (in their language) symbolizing good things to come in the next year, such as health, prosperity, love, etc.

I’m excited because this Sunday, March 21, I will celebrate my third New Year for 2021! I like the opportunity to have different times to start anew. But particularly this year, I’m celebrating the end of winter, the end of the fairly dark year of 2020, for metaphorical reasons as well as seasonal ones. It just feels like we are making progress after a year of combating the coronavirus (as well as some other things).

So it may not feel like Spring outside today, but it feels like Spring inside me.

If it doesn’t feel that way for you, I offer this snippet from the Persian poet Rumi, whom we have been studying this month in my classes:

Did you hear that winter’s over? The basil and the carnations cannot control their laughter. The nightingale, back from his wandering, has been made singing master over the birds. The trees reach out their congratulations. -–– Rumi

But if poetry is not enough for you to feel this in your heart as well, perhaps this music video will do so:

Happy Spring Everyone!

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