Meatless Monday, Easter Edition

In yesterday’s post about Easter dinner, I said I didn’t have a set tradition around Easter dinner. However, there is one Easter food tradition (besides CHOCOLATE, of course). Somewhere around Easter, we always have quiche.

The reason for that is simple. When my son was younger, we always dyed Easter eggs. He has outgrown that, which is kind of unfortunate…and kind of not. Now, instead of all the fuss and mess of dying eggs, I just buy beautiful, multicolored eggs from Parker Farm at––you guessed it, the Cary Downtown Farmers Market! Not only does he raise happy, organic-fed, free-range chickens who produce FABULOUS eggs, but I guess he has a variety of different species who produce different color eggs. From tan to taupe, olive to mint, peach to rose, and the palest of blues, you can find a lovely of palate of eggs at many farmers markets.

BUT, before that, we always dyed eggs. No one was really a hard-boiled egg fan, so we blew out the filling. However, I’m allergic to just eggs; I can only eat them combined with other things. One thing that maximizes egg content without setting off my allergies is quiche. So every Easter, I would make several quiches to use up the contents of our dyed eggs.

Now, even though we don’t dye the eggs anymore, I get a craving for quiche as Easter approaches. This year, since I had just had quiche a week or so ago, I didn’t get the ingredients on my weekly pre-Easter grocery shopping. But I couldn’t stand it. I ended up making a special run to get what I needed so I could make quiche for my Meatless Easter Monday meal.

Actually, most of the things I needed for quiche were available at the farmers market. Queen B Farm brings the wonderful milk and cream from a local dairy, Maple View Farms. Parker Farm not only provided the eggs, but also the spinach for one quiche and the green onions for the other. Actually, I kind of planned the variety of quiches around what I found at the farmers market on Saturday. So I made a spinach quiche with swiss and gruyère cheese and a green onion with extra sharp cheddar and parmesan.

For contrast with the creamy quiche, I made a new salad recipe I found that used slices of celery, ribbons of celery root, and shredded cabbage in a vinaigrette dressing. However, I found it a little…underwhelming. The rule in our house is when in doubt, add garlic, chipotle, curry, or jalapeño. I went with some jalapeño hot sauce. That jazzed it up just fine.

I know it’s too late for this year, but keep it in mind for your next Meatless Easter Monday.

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