Meatless Monday: Vegan Rainbow Tostados for Gay Pride Month

It’s the last Monday in June, so I couldn’t let the month end without a meal to honor Gay Pride Month. This is a time of the year when our Farmers Market is filled with colorful fruits and vegetables from most colors of the rainbow. So it is only fitting that we have a rainbow meal tonight.

This meal was inspired by a dear friend who is the only person who has fed me during these coronavirus times (other than take out from restaurants). We visited outside–socially distanced, of course– in her IDYLIC yard, complete with running water, resident deer, and Buddha statues. I hadn’t expected food, but she served me her latest food passion, which was baked tostados. My friend is an artist, so she was all about the colors, so she included red (really purple) cabbage on her delicious treats.

I remembered that meal fondly as I was thinking about a Gay Pride meal. I wondered if I could turn her colorful tostado into an entire rainbow, and I decided I could, especially when I encountered BLUE corn tortillas at Trader Joes. I froze some of my BLUE vegan chili from last week to use as well, so that could be my base protein.

My friend, of course, inspired my PURPLE cabbage. Unfortunately, there didn’t have any at the Farmers Market, so I had to go convention store for that.

RED came from the lovely fresh tomatoes I got from Parker Farm this weekend. I made fresh pico de gallo with chopped tomatoes and onions from Parker Farm combined with spicy dark green jalapeños from LB Farm.

For ORANGE, I sliced up a beautiful orange bell pepper from Parker Farm.

Unfortunately, our local corn hasn’t come in yet. So I used some wonderful frozen corn from Trader Joes to provide our YELLOW.

We had GREEN from the jalapeños mentioned earlier, but I added sliced avocado for a lighter green as well.

I tried to get a photo of all the toppings, but somehow what I see on my camera didn’t really translate, but here’s what I got:

This hardly qualifies as a recipe because mostly you chop up the vegetables (that’s what takes the longest), heat up the chili and the corn, and bake the tostados at 400 degrees for 10 minutes or so to get them crispy. Put them all together and you get this:

The blues and purples are buried under the rest, but at least you can see them in the BEFORE picture.

We had it with some fruit, but also this champagne:

All in all, it was a lovely Rainbow meal. Sending love and support to all my brothers, sisters, and otherwise identified in the LGBTQIA+ community.

As a community-inspired chalk art piece at our local community arts center said:

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